Good Vibes


Tianny/ Smokey/ Zoey

My Super Hero Thor

             Today we reached new milestones
Proud Mom

Happiest Of Birthday Tiffany

Happy 9th Birthday To you Moo Moo
May God continue to Bless you with many more years of life.
You are so sweet, smart and humble don't let anything or anyone ever change you.

Love you Princess your love is priceless.

Turning 9.....

      This happened today my princess turned 9 years old..
              Your so beautiful Moo Moo inside and out to know you is to love you...
                         Happy Birthday Tiffy,
                                                            Love Mom

Saturday Morning

Play Dough



Playing Blue Clues

I love to see my son playing with his  Imagination.

I Love to see my son playing with his imagination 

Good Morning

Valentine's Day 2017

Bath Time

Saturday Mornings

Car Moments

Alfred's 38th Birthday

                    Happy Birthday To the love of my life 38 years young.
I pray everywhere you step and everything you touch may prosper..
Sending you tons of Blessings my love.. So Bless to keep making memories with you..

Aiden made daddy this special sweet card that  we will forever love in school.


                                                         Six Year Old

How much I love you son.
I'm so proud of the smart, sweet,  strong boy you are.
I'm so proud of you learning how to read and write and your math those spelling words every week.
To see that toothless smile I want to remember it forever you have the cutest eyes and curly hair to me.
You deserve the world theirs nothing you can't do. Believe in yourself Always, Work Hard To accomplish what you want nothing is impossible.

I love you to the Moon and Back ..

                                                     Love, Mommy