Christmas 2017


Zoey First Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDEN ~ Non Verbal Autism And Understanding

Being non Verbal must be so hard.
 I witness it everyday with my beautiful son.
Having non verbal autism is even more difficult than what I can start to explain

I'm guessing his every thought his behavior is of a 2year old instead of 5.
The reason I'm sharing this is because i'm extremely proud of my son Aiden  for all his accomplishments. 

On His Birthday He showed me how much he really does understand.
His eyes were filled with joy they were shinning when he woke up and saw all his gifts in previous birthday he didn't know what was going on..

But this  year this birthday 11/16/2017 we celebrated him..
         Most importantly Aiden celebrated Aiden and he understood every minute of it.
Even though he couldn't verbally tell me thank you 
His Actions, the shine on his eyes said it all.

Love Coming Home To Them

Happy Family

Zoey And Trouble With Their Babies...

Happy Halloween ~ 2017

Super Mario Brothers and Princess Peach

Stayed Home From School Today

Fake Smile

Kisses From Momma



Kiddos After School

Day Dreamer Journal

My Dear Friend Lauren Book is now for sale~
Day Dreamer is a perfect guided daily journal. I'm personally loving mine I carry it in my purse just a nicely reminder of the things which we are daily grateful for.  

The exercises on each page will enable you to concentrate your energy on the positive, promoting self-confidence and paving the way for you to be able to prioritize your life in unity with your own goals and values.

Preaparing For Halloween

Happy 22nd Birthday Carina

Counting Down For Zoey Puppies

Pregnant Zoey

Zoey body has changed so rapidly in these past few weeks.  She's constantly sleeping and wants extra affection.