Day Dreamer Journal/ Small Dollar tree Haul

Day Dreamer Journal

My Dear Friend Lauren Book is now for sale~
Day Dreamer is a perfect guided daily journal. I'm personally loving mine I carry it in my purse just a nicely reminder of the things which we are daily grateful for.  

The exercises on each page will enable you to concentrate your energy on the positive, promoting self-confidence and paving the way for you to be able to prioritize your life in unity with your own goals and values.

Preaparing For Halloween

Happy 22nd Birthday Carina

Counting Down For Zoey Puppies

Pregnant Zoey

Zoey body has changed so rapidly in these past few weeks.  She's constantly sleeping and wants extra affection.

Morning Smiles

Influenster  Thank you Influenster this Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Sauce is amazing.
I know this might sound different I poured it all over some tender oven made steak and I must say it was finger licking good.  My kids didn't even give me time to snap a pic of my ending results.
Will for sure use this sauce again and excited to try more flavors.

Morning Faces




Remembering Hurricane Irma

  Hurricane Irma was so scary as we prepared for this hurricane we were still afraid of camping at home. 
Then evacuation was done in our county so we headed to the nearest high school for shelter. 

Here are so images I captured as we waited for Irma to pass. 

Reading Time

Bath Fun!!

Get Out!!! It's School Time

Cutest Little Chefs

Introducing Chefs Jr and Zoey

Yes!! Your Beautiful

Doctors Check up

Day Date!!

They completed their first week

The Boys are getting better at waking up. They are not Morning boys this year yet. Oh boy!!! 

Mommy and Tiffy Day

Today picked up Tiffy early from school. She was scheduled for a regular routine doctors appointment so we took Day and just had fun with it. 

She was nervous... lol

What's a girl date with a nail day so manicures it was. 

Morning Routine ~ Say Cheese!