Friday Afternoon Fun


Happy Thursday

Afterschool Smiles

Aiden Second Day

Today Aiden was not happy with going to school. I took him to the bus stop on his wagon and he was not happy at all. When the bus arrived he caught a fit I'm sitting at home anxious and already called the school to check on my baby boy..
          Awww How much I miss him...

This was him on snapchat this morning captured by Chelsey...

Aiden's First Day Of School

Chelsey and I was so excited to hug our baby boy...

Cloudy Monday

The kids stood home from school today. It was raining and cloudy all day we watched tons of movies Tiffany made popcorn like 5 times today... And of course we had pillow fights...
      Now off to make dinner.. Smiles!

Target Fun

Car Ride

Historic Cafe Hotel Restaurant


Just A Litle DIY

All These items are from the dollar tree.