Brothers Bath Time Fun...


I Love My Hair


Let's Do This "Monday Mornings"

Good Morning

My Sunshine...

Can you spy my princess getting off the bus?

I watch her in disbelief that she is 8 years old.

Every step she takes excites me to hug her 

I miss her so much when she's gone

I anxiously wait till it's time for her to get home

The Joy in our faces when we see each other.

Hi Angel cakes I miss you I say...

My silly sunshine always strikes a pose for mommy.

We talk about her day as we stroll to our house.

You are heaven sent my little sunshine and I couldn't be a more happier mom...

           I love you Tiffany,
                  To The Moon and Back, Love Mom

Bits and pieces Of Today...

Early Start On Dinner

Moms Hangout 

Bath Time which goes about three times a day

Daddy's Baby

Top Of The Morning...

Self Portraits

Snapchat Fun

Sunday Afternoon

Good Morning

Morning Run To The Car Ready For School...

Chilling Out Maxing Relaxing All Cool