Bits and Pieces

These are iPhone photos 

The Madness

He said be serious but he wasn't lol

Aiden Beautiful Teacher makes my day when she sends me pics.. Melts my heart away

My Crew

Raining Day

Excited about picking up Aiden.

Can you tell He was excited.

Tuesday  Morning

Thursday Morning

My Princess Ready to start her day.

Tianny is growing stop growing 

My Heart and soul

Alfredo & Aiden

Mohawk Failed

Bits and pieces {Jan24}

Aiden First Day Of School

New Puppy

He Caught Me

Disney Frozen, Marvel Avengers 2016 Calendar Review

Bits And Pieces.

January Glam Bag Arrived today.

Played all afternoon with Junior and his Lego figures.

My buddy keeps me company while I'm in the kitchen.

Lazy Night we had IHOP take out for dinner.

Minion Lunch Box, Tiny Vlog, In Walmart

Fighting Over Mom

Aiden Tries To Escape The Doctor's...

Today was Great...

Sunday Morning


Little Things That Bring Me Joy...

Nutella Hot Chocolate melts my heart and my tummy. Btw it's Delicious

Guess What!! Aiden uniform tops arrived today. I'm so excited little man is starting school next week.


Preparing.. Bits and pieces


One Year Youtube anniversary...


These Adorable Emoji pillows make the cutest gift.
Who doesn't love Emojis.

Sunday Afternoons

Little Fingers loving some Mac & Cheese. 

Happy Anniversary My Love

Happy New Years 2016