Red, White And Blue

My Cutie Pie Puff

Red, White And Blue

My Furry Babies
Smokey And Puff

Three Month Old Cutie

Aiden And Puff....

Yum Yum 😋

Meet Puff

My Husband is so happy we rescued a puppy he's officially ours...

Meet Puff

He's a Three Month Old Pitbull Mix and he is so sweet.

Smokey was kind and they got along well.

We want to be ambassador for the breed.

We want to teach and show people love your pitbull they are gentle and sweet it's all on the training and love you give them.
Here's Puff sleeping with my dog lover toddler.
Just like his parents.

Meet Puff Mendez 

Tiffany's Play Date...

Little Things That Make Me Happy....

The Littlest Things Make Me Happy.....

Here And There...



Mommy Life

Print of Love...

Added The Print Of Love Alex and Ani Bracelet To my collection to represent Smokey

Today We Are Super Heros

The Kids woke up and felt like super heros today.