Pink Dandelion..

Good Morning!!


Good Morning To You.....

Sunday Afternoon

My Baby loves watching Bubble Guppies

My Boys

Chocolate Mouth

Our new Trailer

Team Work

Facail Time

Facial Time!

Hi Guys

Little Brother For Sale.....

Happy Easter

Good Morning!

    The kids first day back from Spring Break. So we back to our normal routine.. Aiden having Arts and Craft time this Morning while Junior is still sleep...
            Have a great day!

Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Hunting

The Mango's are growing

Mr & Mrs Tag

The Parent Tag

DIY Dum Dum Topiary

Afternoon Date!!

Went to have some alone time and enjoy ourselves.

Rice Pudding

We had homemade rice pudding and it was amazing.

t's so simple and delicious

My new Journal Box.....

Purchased this new box at Ross yesterday for my journal collection stickers, tapes , cute pens etc.....

Everything fitted just right.