A Little Baking

My Princess did a excellent job on decorating the cake. 


 It's been raining all week none stop.
 Hubs been taking extra advantage of the rain and been in his man cave enjoying every bit of it.
Anybody who knows my husband knows he's milking it.

My little guy which has a birthday coming up real soon.

Nap Time / Good Afternoon

Good Morning

Rise and Shine

Happy Sunday

 Happy Sunday! Hope you all have a Bless day.
Hunny made it home just in time to hop out of his work clothes before we went to church.

                                 "God is Good"
Most important in life? GOD
Most beautiful attire. SMILE.
Greatest Asset? FAITH
Most powerful force? LOVE.

Little Chats...

Aiden enjoying his lollipop with his adorable smile that sure gets mommy heart.
Having Morning convo with my Junior talking about helping dad moan the lawn while sipping on some chocolate milk.
Literally these are my favorite conversations with this little guy. He talks so much and is so smart.
Staring and studying his little face for so long I actually have lose track of time. I'm taking photos of  them every minute because they always have my head in the clouds.

The Boys are with me hundred percent of the time, but mostly that time is divided amongst  30 other things including 6 kids, my husband, 2 dogs and the house chores. Spending time with the boys is so lovely but also isolating at the same time. I'm counting down the days for my new car and i guess while mommy out on her walmart runs, or sneaking in a pedicure i will appreciate that alone time.
We need it at times... xoxo LOVE! Hope you enjoyed.




 My Happiness

Afterschool with the Bestie

 Today Tiffy came home with her bestie Jayde... Tomorrow is no school so TGIF a day early..
Childhoodunplugged I love it...

Lunch Time

Lunch Time Captured these shots of my cupcake while he was having lunch. In two more months I'll have a toddler.

Good Morning

Oatmeal Mouth

Hope you have a wonderful day


Morning Coffee

My Hunter Baby

It rained most of the day on and off.
Today was one of those days to just relax at home watch movies all day and just hung out in hubbys clothes.

Sunday Happiness

Church Swag

After Church Cooking
Menu: White rice, Chicken Cutlet, Corn, Crab and Avocado salad, Potato Salad and Fried Eggs
Cold Water ,Ice Tea and Pepsi
Bon Appetti!

Dessert Ice Coffee and Donuts!
Have a wonderful evening...
Hope you enjoyed.