Happy Sunday

On our way to church this Morning
The sun was blinding my Tribe.
Their best attempt for the picture.

My Boy couldn't sit still at service we went to the quiet where he stood for the remaining time.
He's learning its getting there.

This little guy was under the weather this weekend coming along with a cold.
Dogs sense everything so Hunters be a little extra closer to him this weekend  they just know when we sad or not feeling well. It's amazing the senses that they have.

Nap Time!
For both my little guys.

Tiffany kept busy with arts & craft
She did an amazing job for the garden.

Mommy tried making Happy faces on the kids pancakes failed
But i tried lol

This little person took over our bed.
Im not feeling well mommy leave me alone i just want to snuggle.
We snuggled all day.

Beep Beep

Bits & Pieces

My Silly Jolly Girl!

My little boy came in the house dirty covered in dirt from playing in the backyard so he wouldn't get in trouble he said  "For you mommy"
All forgotten he melted me. 

Snack right after he told me all about his adventure with hunter.

Future Artist


And they finally crashed.

Tiffy and Mommy

                                            Reading Time

My Princess

Wet Kisses

Hunter paying close attention.
I love capturing these moments.

Being Six is Awesome!
Today she wanted to be Minnie Tiffany

At Peace with my Mr

Bits & Pieces

This Morning!
Hunter is always with the kids.

Morning Chats before school.

First Grader

So Sad Sissy got on the bus to school his hardest part of the day.

Working Hard this morning
They were at it early this morning
giggles and more giggles and wet babies

Quit it Junior

Future Artist

Bananas and Strawberry Smoothie

Tianny before School

My Chinadoll

My Babies are home from school.

My Sweetie is such a tween time sure flies.

National Dog Day

Happy Doggy Day

Tongue out Tuesday

Happy National Dog Day 

Getting Along for a moment

PJs, wagon and morning convo walking sissy to the bus stop.

This was her face monday morning when i told her we was talking her roller skating.

My Moo Moo i love her too pieces

Chelz doing HW and jamming in the kitchen.

My 17 year old babes.


Heading out to worship with my baby boy.

Installing in my children that there's always time for fun, play and work but making that time to be thankful and worship the Lord its absolutely the best time spent.

And one more MUAH!

My Babies!

This babe is Rad!