Cuteness / Sillyness

Good Morning (Hump day)

You will never get to old to hold those conversations with your mom that touches your soul. Had my morning talk on the phone with my mom which I take a moment and dedicated to her before my madness start.

She always say "Don't forget to breathe"

My every day to-do- list is a mile long. It's always on the fridge (like put your notes in your smart phone to use. Yes I do at times but it's do much easier to see it there. ) 

Don't forget to pray: I pray alone first thing in the morning when my kids are still sleep and many, many times through out the day. But for some reason my shower prayers often seem to be a time of real revelation. I've actually had God speak to me in the shower about someone I need to forgive, or how I need to address a certain issue with one of my children, or a host of other thing. I have no idea why, but there's power in the shower, I'm telling ya!! I'm sure there are a million of people that feel like this. 

So this morning I prayed for Strength for the day. I also prayed secretly for a much needed getaway with my husband. (Hehe)

Here's Junior to your request...

The life of the king of the house...
So before you continue your day remember : Stop take a moment and breathe.

Bits & Pieces of our Tuesday.

Started my morning grateful and wondering when my little dude is going to  get the memo that he needs his room and bed back.

Rain, Rain go away. Please come back another day.
And of course We had only 30 minutes of Bible Study. But we squeezed in some time for The Lord today.
Cupcake had his routine check - up and it's Offical Mr. Aiden is back in buisness.
My Papi Chulo!!
And this goodie came in the mail today makes my heart happy. ( Good Night)

Bits and Pieces of Monday.

Everything it's back to normal around her cupcake is up and running the house.

Buying me a few minutes of peace.

These Two!! Nap Time

Loving my angel cakes to pieces.
Dinner Time for my day dreamer.
My silly Tiffy

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy 35 Birthday to me.

The smile on my face doesn't means my life is perfect. It means I appreciate what I have and the things i'm blessed with.

Woke up with these two cuties right besides me. Giving birthday extra kisses.

My babies made me this special video ...

Honey bought home some roses my favorite color.  (Points) lol
And extra yellow flowers love all my birthday cards.
Ice cream and cake yum yum

Celebrating my evening with my love.

Feeling So grateful and Bless for seeing / making another year of life.
Cheers and welcome 35!!
Much indeed needed alone time.

My guilty pleasures
And coming home with goodies to share all the beautiful love I received today.

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Thank you honey.

Happy 4 Birthday Smokey

 Happy Birthday to the world's greatest dog.

 Birthday kisses to my big brother.

A very long stressful day.

Spent the last 13 hours in the Emergency Room with my cupcake.
I never knew somebody can be allergic to peppermint gum. 
Broke him down in hives all over. A mother of six and I'm still learning something new everyday. 
Thank God and medicine he's doing a bit better.  

Had to treat myself to Fat Girl Heaven after a very very long stressful day.