Tiffany's Kindergarten Graduation

Today was my princess graduation. We are so proud of all of her accomplishments this year. She have learned so much how to read grade level books, write sentences, and math problems. Tiffany also lost 5 teeth being in kindergarten. Today we are all here to celebrate our princess ceremony.

Ms.Moody Tiffany was so Bless to have such an amazing teacher.

And you know I was crying at this moment. ( Tears of Joy)

Twins Hunter and Noah Tiffany really loves her twins classmates it was her first time being around twins in kindergarten..,
Her Buddies and friend Kayla
Emy and Ayanna with my princess oh how I adore these two.
Tiffany and Ayanna

Daddy surprised his princess with her first bouquet of flowers.

I love you more than you ever know

Memorial Day


Sunday Morning!!