I'm so Happy

Look who's back home… Our smokey boy God is so good to us .
 My Baby Boy Smokey is never leaving our side again.
This is Benji
My Babies were all so happy

Random Little Things

Chelsey has been my workout motivator this week. She has gone with me on my daily 1 mile walk and exercise its been fun with her as a partner. The girls are on spring break so it's have been a little busy around here. With them being home gives me a little more time to myself. Cant help it my body still wakes up 6 am everyday.

Keeping Jr busy while he gets a treatment. He was making silly faces right under his mask.
                   (His Happy & Sad Face)

She loves taking selfie's always saying mommy say cheese….  BTW she can't stay off my bed.

My Two Alfredo's Oh how i love them so….  Hate How i look in this picture while i was in the middle of eating again chelsey mom say cheese so trying to embrace myself here….

Hanging out with my cupcake...

Saturday Afternoon with my babies...

Spend my saturday relaxed and cozy with my babies no matter how big they are they will always be my babies.

Fills me up with Joy

Yesterday was so hard on me. Hearing from the dogs new owners today gave me so much comfort. The kids made me this canvas with their hand prints and it is amazing. This gave me so much joy its hung up right in my bedroom. I love it!!!

Today was quiet and simply relaxed day Junior didn't even ask for the dogs today which i was so surprised . He was such a big boy so sorry for the blurry picture but i had to captured the moment. Jr reading ti his baby brother.  (PRICELESS)

This is Aiden's new hobby he emptys out the draws and hops right in. "just to think he's not even 2" YIKES!!!

I will never forget you Smokey and Missy

Today so far has been one of the hardest days in my life. I had to get rid of my dogs due to Junior's test results. He is allergic to dogs, cats ,etc…. He had a allergy skin test done and the doctor suggested we got rid of the dogs it explains why he was sick all year around. So as much as this hurts my family we had no other choice then to find a good home for them. We were so fortunate to find a Good Family that took them both i was happy they didn't have to separate.  Smokey we will forever love you we called you smokey the human dog because you always understood everything we told you. I love you smokey we will never forget you.

MISSY      Missy you are so protective with your little self. I will miss you always making noise and waking up the baby…  I love you baby girl you will be forever missed.

This has me heart broken more than words can describe.  

Afternoon Fun

Good Tuesday Morning

My Lovely babies heading out to school this beautiful morning.

This is getting framed my baby first masterpiece…

Have a Great Weekend

We spend our Friday morning in the ER with Tianny she's been having very bad back pains.  It wasn't too bad ( As you can see the big smile on her face)

And my addiction for sushi have gotten worst. OMG "delicious " 
Have a great weekend....

Good Morning

My Two little guys wake up so early this picture was taken today Saturday at 6:30 am..  Brushing their little pearl white teeth.

Momma Bear and Baby Bear's Breakfast ...

Random Pics

My Boys are best friends Aiden had fell this very moment and junior ran to him before me....Priceless Moment!!!

Dinner Last Night Hubby said it was finger licking good...

He's a big sea food lover

From the other day we was tickling each other.
This is how Junior spend all this morning playing with his train sets.

And this little guy needs a toddler bed asap he knows how to jump out his crib.

It was  Dr.Seuss Birthday the other day and Tiffany made a cat in the hat Hat.... "Happy Birthday Dr.Seuss"
I got this key hanger from walmart i like to get creative at times its therapy for me...LOL It came in wood and i brighten it up.