Beautiful Sunny Tuesday

Today we spend like 3 hours in walmart these two little guys gave me a run for my money.
Along with my princess…..
My princess is 6 years old i can't believe it a little big girl.
These two are so much alike besides that they look alike they share the same birth month and they both are libras they also are home bodies. I love seeing the bond that he has with her not only him but all of my children know if mommy not close enough carina is the next best thing.. Sometimes i feel a little guilty i never gave here 100 percent of me.. Well i did  in love and care but what i mean is that she have always had to share me. Carina is my life my right arm all i ever had is her in my daughter lies my best friend.

Cool Dude!!!

Tiffy said pose like this mommy like a diba like a diva tiffs no like a diba mommy (in tiffs voice)
Carina and Chelsey I love you…..

Bits & Pieces of our Saturday

Today Tiffany's friend Ayanna spend the day with us and was Tiffy was so excited to have her over.

Monster High Little divas...

Silly Faces

While Tiffy had her company  i kept jr busy he's getting better at sharing his sister for a long time tiffany has been his only close friend now Aiden getting older tiffany going to school the boys are bonding much more AT first junior would get jealous when tiffany had a friend over but he's understanding ok you girls are doing the "Girly things"
I love to see their smiles happy children happy life….

Aiden And Alfred

 My cupcake aiden been sick poo he has a bad cough, asthma, and a ear infection today we did a allergy test to make sure he's not allergic to the dogs. And i am so anxious to know the results. These pictures were taken yesterday at the doctors office as we waited our turn. My Boys are getting so big.

My Favorite Video clips from Tiffy Bday

These are my three favorite there are many but these melt my heart.

Tiffany 6TH Birthday

Fun, Fun, Fun!!! that's what being 6 is all about….
My Princess Birthday Breakfast request was Pancakes with ice cream on top with whip cream and sprinkles….
Good Morning Happy Birthday My Sunshine...
And off to school my Birthday Girl goes…..
Today it's a big deal Tiffy's is 6 Yayyy!!!!
And while she was at school mommy was home working on this Monster high Surprise….

And Surprise!!! Surprise she sure was her facial expression was priceless.

And Blowing away she was...
Her two friends came by after school Ayanna and kayla.

It's all worth it all my hard work to see my princess with a huge smile on her face.
Because turning six is so ghoul….

Goof Balls… This picture reminds me so much of their childhood..

It was A Monster High Ball for Tiffy… God is so good all the time.