The Girls are excited it's friday.....

While we wait in the car Aiden's facial expressions every time he sees the phone. This kid is trained for pictures.
He spotted his sister coming.

He will hate me for this picture some day, but i couldn't resist his little face.
Sorry for the blurry picture it was taken by Tiffy on her iPod. But i love it daddy and Aiden.


My Happiness


 My Husband loves me in ways where everytime i look over at him it's like WOW!! What a man!!!

 I love the sound of my son giggles

 It's such a beautiful natural love they have for each other.

The Three Amigos....

 Aiden knows how to open the pantry closet it's the funniest to see this little person help himself.

 My Happy Boy

 One of Aiden's favorite things besides blueberries is books he pays so close attention and is recognizing shapes and colors.
 My chunky little monster...


 "Bad Habit biting nails."

My little precious angel is always ready for the camera he knows when to say  cheese and pose for rmommy. Aiden is such a happy baby.
Tiffany and Tianny with their serious bad habit more Tianny then Tiffany biting their nails.

Tiffany Tylijah

My Sunshine was home a little early from school today and we were so happy to see her.Even though it was just a few hours early its such a pleasure to have my princess home. 
(Somebody will be the big 6 next month)

Good Morning From The Mendez Boys

 Breakfast is for Champions....
 Do you see this chubby tummy....
 A typical morning in our house.

Good Afternoon from Tiffany.