New Year, Fresh Start

As getting closer to the New Year 2014 they are a few things that i will like to do less and some things i will like to do more.
LESS                                                                               MORE
1.Talking                                                                      1. Listening
2.Planning                                                                     2. Doing
3.Soda/Coffee                                                               3. Tea
4.Junk Foods                                                                 4. Salads
5.Lazing Around                                                            5. Doing

And to say Yes to less Negativity, distractions, waste and unnecessary sugar.
Living with a vegan at home shows me the importance of healthy life style. Working out, eating healthy food, and having an overall healthy life style it shows that you care about yourself. So i will start off my New year with my list of resolutions that i am going to stick too.
This Year I will be 35 years old I believe  that i have to take better care of myself and what i intake and as a role model to my children to continue to teach them on how to eat clean and stay active.

A Little Painting

So I decided to add some color to the house for the new year. This is the ending results of the little girls room. I must say I did all this painting myself.
I also added a very light blue to the boys play room. I spend all day doing this today but it didn't come out exactly how i wanted it but it will do for now.

Happy Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas 2013 From The Mendez Wolfpack

Our Silly Xmas photo

Aiden can't keep his little tiny hands off the tree. Hope you have a Merry Happy Xmas and a Happy New Year. God Bless!!

Santa came in while all the kids were sleep he took Elfy back to the North Pole. Elfy left The kids a letter saying good bye and Santa left his foot prints so they can see he's real. " being a child is magical fairy tales and the reaction in the children faces is priceless.

Counting Down till Xmas

My Babies Ginger Bread House

My Loves

At the car wash early this morning.
My loves
Pajamas Day at school.
Yum yum breakfast time.
With my daddy glasses on.
My Fat Fat
This is how jr walks tiffy to school in pj's with sunglasses on backwards how stylish lol
The Best oranment in my tree.

Weekend sleepover, Elfy, ......

Tiffany had her first sleepover this weekend.
My Rain deer!!!
My Beautiful Tween
Elfy Xmas countdown

Do you see Elfy?
Can you spot Elfy?

Smokey and Missy
Ms. Missy Claus
Cheese with my silly boy.

Our sticker the mendezbunch…

Bits & Pieces

My Big Boy was in a great mood today. He actually posed for a photo... LOL

No More Mohawk